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Drumroll Please..

The Celtics officially have the 16th pick in this year's 2013 NBA draft. We all agree that there isn't really much "talent" coming out this year, but they might turn out well(remember, this is the NBA). While the offseason mind boggling trade scenarios are wandering around, there is one that only a few have mentioned : Trading for a higher pick. The Celtics have been lucky with drafting Paul Pierce and Jared Sullinger at "okay" type of picks, but who's to say that this will happen again? Before this begins, buying out Paul Pierce will not give the Celtics abundance of cap space and the Celtics may not get quality players for him, so let's put those ideas to rest shall we. The Cavs will have the 1st pick and they will more than likely pick of Nerlens Noel and the mean green CANNOT stop the Cavs from getting him. Yes, Noel loves the Celtics but the Cavs need him more and they will not negotiate with anyone who tries to get him. The only valuable pieces that the Celtics really have are Crawford, Lee, and Randolph.(Keep T-Will out of the question. Until this little mishap is over, it is recommended that he stays as a backup PG behind Rondo). One upside to this group is the age. They're very young and lottery teams need what they can get. Crawford is a scorer, Lee has been...but his defense it good! Randolph is a good big man to have off the bench(or starter) and he is also a good hustler. IF things work out well, Celtics can get Big Al and a little something nice in the draft. If the draft thing does not work out then they guys named above will still probably be traded. There is no telling what is going on in front office at the moment. All we can do is wait...

P.S. Stephen A Smith is not a GM and he's just a speculator like the rest of the people involved in the "NBA Fan World".